Campus Sofiendalsvej

Campus Sofiendalsvej

Aalborg, Dānija

Campus Sofiendalsvej

Augstskolas moto: You study as “The Whole Person” where the learning outcome is described in three dimensions being: HeadHeart and Legs

UCN – University College of Northern Denmark – is a dynamic and innovative higher education institution that focuses on high quality undergraduate education with an emphasis on professional skills, applied sciences and personal competences.

With more than 10.000 students enrolled in 2018, UCN is a popular study destination.

UCN combines excellent teaching, internationally-rated research and superb student support services to give our students the very best all-round education

UCN International Campus

UCN is situated in Northern Jutland in Denmark and has 2 international campus locations in the city of Aalborg:

Campus Hobrovej
Campus Sofiendalsvej

About the Campus

We are a university of applied sciences and provide higher education and perform research, development and innovation activities within the four main areas of business, social education, health and technology.

At UCN the most important job is to educate you to get ready to the labour market of the future. We do not work with theories for the sake of theories. As far as possible, our study programmes are to reflect the reality that you will meet as a graduate. In other words, the professional, social and personal competences that you achieve through your study programme must be directly useful in the labour market.

Academic life

Less theories – more practice

At UCN the most important job is to educate you to get ready to the labour market of the future. We do not work with theories for the sake of theories. As far as possible, our study programmes are to reflect the reality that you will meet as a graduate. In other words, the professional, social and personal competences that you achieve through your study programme must be directly useful in the labour market.

Reflective Practice-Based Learning

We call the method Reflective Practice-Based Learning. Through the learning approach we also express what we expect from you as a student.

How we teach and learn – challenging education

With over 200 professional staff and continuous investment in development and research, UCN is a stimulating and inspiring environment for your studies.

Combination of theory and practice

At UCN we combine theory and practice in three different ways:

1. Hands on in practice

In the course of your study, you will do an internship in a private or public enterprise or institution. During the internship, professional demands will be placed on you, and you create coherence between the knowledge, skills and competences you have acquired in the course of study and the specific tasks you are set in practice.

You learn to manage yourself in a professional context in which you reflect on your own actions and those of others. During the internship you really get closer to your disciplinary field and your future work life.

2. Bringing real life into the tuition

In the theoretical part of the study programme, where you are “back at school”, we include examples of knowledge and  issues from practice. We do that, for example, through casework, introductory speakers with roots in the field of practice, study of best practice, insight into the solutions of the future as well as simulation and training of your skills and competences.

3. Cooperation with practice

In the labour market there is a constant pressure to find new, better and more efficient work forms. As a student you will, already during your study, be able to contribute to creating innovative solutions that can make a difference in real life. You can cooperate with the business community or the public sector, for example in project work, innovation camps and research and development projects.

A head start to a promising career Studying at UCN means that you get a quick start in your future career with many paths to take at middle-management level, and it also gives you the possibility to continue your development with further studies in or outside Denmark.

UCN is unique in Denmark due to the number of programmes we offer taught fully in English. Another special feature is the diversity of our business and technically-oriented subjects and the possibility of combining AP degrees with top-up bachelor’s degrees. In fact, any UCN AP degree can lead to a bachelor’s degree in this way.

Thanks to good, long-term contacts with the business sector, we guarantee that the qualifications obtained by our students are relevant to an increasingly global business environment. The hands-on management situations and entrepreneurial agenda are very popular among the students in general and the international students in particular.

Modern, high-quality learning facilities

UCN is a modern academic space for teaching and research with three premises in Aalborg. We take pride in offering 24/7 access, up-to-date IT equipment and a library that subscribes to a number of academic and business-oriented databases.

Inspiring interior

Danish design dominates the buildings, the light, the interior and furniture, making the whole environment very friendly, bright and inspiring.

Intercultural atmosphere

At UCN, not only the teaching, based on classroom learning, but also the facilities surrounding the classrooms are inspiring and lively with art on the walls and cosy corners where students can sit for a cup of tea or to do group work.

The students are of various nationalities, which contributes to the intercultural understanding based on dialogue, debate and commitment.

Social life

Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors and tutors will welcome you to UCN with a great start-of-term programme with fun events and peer-to-peer advice on student life and how to find your way around campus and the city.

You will not be starting you study journey in Denmark on your own, but together with 1.300 other international students!

With more than 10.000 students enrolled in 2018, UCN is a popular study destination.

Each year, the university college welcomes around 3.500 new students – and the number is continuously on the rise (and is quite significant considering the size of northern Denmark). Approximately 1.300 of the students are international representing more than 50 different nationalities which makes for a very intercultural study atmosphere.  

Welcome on the red carpet

Each year, UCN rolls out the red carpet for our new students with a great start-of-term programme for our Danish and international students. It is hosted by a large team of student ambassadors and student tutors from the various academic programmes who know and understand what it is like to start as a new student.


Right from the start, the ambassadors will arrange a series of activities to make sure that you will get to know your fellow students and quickly make new friends from both Denmark and around the world!

Introduction to study life

They will make sure that you are thoroughly introduced to UCN, to your specific academic programme, to our student councellors and secretaries, to campus facilities and of course to campus and city life. They will also provide practical tips on living, studying and working in Denmark.

Events and parties

Throughout the academic year, the ambassadors also arrange a lot of exciting events and parties. The list of activities is ever-expanding as students make new requests; but to name a few, you will be offered various teambuilding and sports activities, picnics, movie nights, excursions around the city, and theme-based parties around Valentine’s and Halloween.

A unique academic atmosphere

In the city of Aalborg, UCN has four large campuses spread across the city. These campuses each house one of UCN’s four education areas and all its associated study programmes. This makes each campus an exciting hub for teaching and research within a specific field where you will meet like-minded students and enjoy a great academic atmosphere.

This organisation also allows UCN to maintain updated and state-of-the-art, field-specific labs, workshops and equipment at each address. You will also find that the campus library stocks an abundance of relevant literature and subscribes to many academic and business-oriented magazines and databases.

A thriving social life

Social life on all campuses is thriving, and there is plenty of opportunity to take a break from academic studies and attend one of the many social events, ‘Friday bars’ or student parties. It is very common for Danes to get together around a shared interest, sport or hobby, or to do volunteer work in the local community. It is a great way to build your network, to do something nice for others and maybe even pick up a few new skills.

UCN offers many opportunities for you to get involved in life on campus. For example, you may become a voice in the UCN student council, join the volunteers managing the student bar, or decide to be an active member of one of the student sports clubs or activities such as the UCN Running Club Run4Fun.


UCN is situated in Aalborg, Northern Jutland.

Dzīvokļa īre (iesk. kom. maksājumi) 300 – 400 300 – 400
Dzīvokļa depozīts (saņem daļēji atpakaļ izvācoties) 900 – 1200 0
Mēbeles, trauki uc. (ja nepieciešams)100 – 300 0
Studiju grāmatas (izmaksas atkarīgas no studiju programmas) 190 – 620 0
Studiju depozīts00
Internets 15 15
Ēšana100 – 200 100 – 200
Telefona abonements25 – 50 25 – 50
KOPĀ1630 – 2785440 – 665

Papildus izmaksas

Lietots velosipēds (ja nepieciešams) 40 – 80
Sabiedriskā transporta mēnešbiļete (ja nepieciešams)55
Studiju ekskursija (brīvprātīga, tomēr ieteicama) 300 – 600

Izmaksas (Aalborg)



Katrīna: Gandrīz visi runā angliski – nav problēmu sākt dzīvošanu, ja nezini dāņu valodu.
Lai arī cilvēki atvērtības ziņā ir līdzīgi latviešiem, viņi noteikti neatteiks palīdzīgu roku.

Nezinu, kā citās pilsētās, bet Olborgā daudzi nāk pretī ar smaidu un pieķeru sevi ar daudz labāku garastāvokli tieši tā iemesla dēļ.
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