Campus Sønderhøj 7G

Campus Sønderhøj 7G

Aarhus, Dānija

Campus Sønderhøj 7G

Business Academy Aarhus (BAAA) ir viena no lielākajām biznesa akadēmijām Dānijā. Orhusas (Aarhus) akadēmijā studē vairāk nekā 4400 studentu, no kuriem 3100 ir pilna laika studenti un 1300 – neklātienes studenti.

Aarhus Business Academy piedāvā 13 dažādas studiju programmas, kas ir veidotas balstoties uz šī brīža darba tirgus prasībām, piedāvājot tikai jaunāko informāciju, sagatavojot studentus veiksmīgai karjerai Dānijas vai citu valstu uzņēmumos.

AP and Bachelor top-up programmes

We offer a wide range of full-time higher education programmes that qualify students for many different career choices. We offer 10 English-language programmes within these fields:

  • Business
  • IT and Technology
  • Web, Media and Communication
  • Biotechnical and Food Technology

Our programmes combine theory with practice.

We prioritise small classes, group work, project work, cooperation with trade and industry, realistic cases and compulsory internships. As we work so closely with the business community, we learn and benefit from one another.

Truly international

Our 700 international students contribute to our international spirit and teaching format. We send 300 students abroad each year as part of their programmes, and annually welcome exchange students from our more than 70 partner universities spread all over the world. 

Research and innovation 

Developing and completing our programmes must create value for students and companies alike. Therefore, we focus on using our competencies in specific research and innovation projects in collaboration with partner companies.


Business Academy Aarhus is located in second largest city in Denmark – Aarhus. City is busy staking a claim for visitor attention and building a reputation as an emerging European destination for savvy city-breakers, festival-goers, art and food fans, read more

Ko studenti saka

Ieva: What is one thing you love about your city?

The thing I love the most about Aarhus is how close to nature it is. Even though I live in the center of the city, I have at least 3 different green areas for walks, running, or just chilling with friends very close to me.

I can just walk to the seaside within 20 minutes or take a longer trip to the animal park on my bike.

It is very important to me as I was raised in the countryside and I just need to get outside frequently, organize my thoughts, and just be physically active. Especially during the pandemic when I spend a lot of time at home with my computer. Lasi plašāk