Guidelines for writing the motivation letter

All applicants should write a short motivation letter. Its purpose is to give the acceptance committee an impression of you as a person, your level of maturity, and your qualifications related to the study programme you are applying for.

Below you will see a few examples of questions you can ask yourself while writing your motivation letter (there are no wrong answers):

Why did you choose this programme?

  • What is your motivation, and why should we accept you to this programme?
  • What are your reasons for choosing this specific programme?
  • What relevant qualifications and experiences do you bring along, and in what ways have these qualifications and experiences influenced your choice of programme?

What are your thoughts regarding this programme?

  • What are your considerations regarding the structure, content, etc. of this study programme?
  • What kind of information have you gathered about the programme and how?
  • In your opinion, what kinds of personal skills and competences are important in order to complete this programme?


The acceptance committee will go through all the applications. In the selection process, the committee takes into consideration both the formal requirements of the applicants as well as their motivation for choosing the programme.