Letter of motivation UCN

Description of your motivation for applying

In this description you must explain why you are applying, your choice of study programme as well as how your previous experience ties in with the programme. The description needs to show how the study programme fits your future plans and that you are motivated and passionate about the relevant field.

The content of the description will differ from person to person – there is no right or wrong. We do recommend, however, that you follow the guidelines and advice below in terms of the length and content of the description.

• The description must be 1-2 pages long
• It must be written in English
• It must be specifically aimed at the study programme you are applying fo

The competences that you choose to highlight in your description must of course tally with the documentation that you attach

When fleshing out your motivation for applying and your academic aptitude, it is worth keeping in mind the following guidelines and advice:

• The study programme and your academic motivation must be your focal points.
• You must detail your qualifications and experience as well as reflect on their relevance in relation to your chosen study programme.
• You must reflect on and describe how the study programme fits your future plans.
• You must specify your academic motivation for choosing precisely this study programme. In other words, what excites you academically about the programme, or why are you applying for admission.
• You must outline previous study and work experience that you see as conducive to you completing the programme as well as how and where this experience was gained (you could use your CV as your point of departure).
• In addition, you must show an understanding of the programme, i.e. that you have familiarised yourself with programme objectives, content and structure.
• Include a description of what you are able to contribute in terms of group work – so, what are your strengths and weaknesses in this regard.