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2015-02-26 Study Start

Agricultural and Environmental Management 

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Šī programma tiek piedāvata kā: TOP-UP DEGREE: Bakalaura programmas pēdējie 3 semestri (1½ gads); UZŅEMŠANAS PRASĪBAS: - iegūti 120 ECTS bakalaura vai 1. līmeņa augstākās izglītības programmā (studiju ilgums vismaz 2 gadi jeb 4 semestri) PIETEIKŠANĀS PROGRAMMAI: Par pieteikšanos programmai lasi sadaļā: PIETEIKŠANĀS PIETEIKŠANĀS TERMIŅŠ: - septembra studijām: līdz 15. martam: BRĪVĀS VIETAS - februāra studijām: līdz 10. oktobrim

This study programme is for you who aspire to be future leader within health, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and solving environmental issues.

Business Academy Aarhus offers a Bachelor’s top-up programme in Agricultural and Environmental Management that is the ideal programme if you want to improve your environmental competences and gain skills that enable you to analyse, organise and develop your competencies within the environmental field and make your contribution to the development and solving of environmental issues.


The programme consists of 3 semesters of twenty weeks each.

  • The first 2 semesters consist of business subjects and subjects related to your chosen study line (see below). The mandatory subjects will give you basic knowledge about management, strategy, communication and sales.
  • The third semester consists of an internship followed by a bachelor thesis.


The programme is divided into 2 study lines:

  • Environmental and Nature Management,
  • Agricultural Management.

STUDY LINE: Environmental and Nature Management

This study line will strengthen your competencies within the environmental field and be able to plan, develop, manage and communicate complex problems at management, advisory or administrative levels. With Environmental and Nature Management study line you can match the challenging market and make your contribution to the development and solving of environmental issues.


– Ecology, – Project management,
– Production and waste, – Business development,
– Climate adaptation, – Market analysis,
– Method and theory of science, – Statistics,
– Sustainability, – Sales,
– Ecotoxicology, – Business communication
– Microbiology, – Internship

STUDY LINE: Agricultural Management

This study line is for all professionals who aspire to be future leaders. Graduates can expect to become managers within growing innovative agricultural companies, based upon their acquired agricultural knowledge, management and leadership skills.

Study and learn from the highest Danish agricultural standards within global food production in terms of food security, sustainability, environmental issues, animal welfare, health, breeding and general performance. Simply put, an opportunity to learn first-class agricultural practice and leadership as a whole.


– Agricultural markets, – Business development
– Method and theory of science, – Business communication,
– Market analysis, – Innovation and change management
– Production economy, – Organisation and leadership,
– Sales, – Statistics,
– Production economy, – Internship


During the 3rd semester you must choose a company for an internship and write bachelor’s thesis, which must focus on relevant issues from the company. The bachelor thesis must be based on subjects from the programs you choose to focus on, depending upon your interests.

An internship offers you the chance to learn-by-doing in a way where you are supervised by a work-place professional. The Internship will give you a valuable insight into the company and the work involved, and you will gain valuable industry experience that will kick-start your career.


With a Bachelor’s degree you will have acquired knowledge about issues such as chemistry and ecology, and you will thus become the employee who ensures development and progress in a business that works with complex problems within environmental management in Danish and international companies. Your responsibilities will include such aspects as consultancy, administration, planning and management.

You will be able to work at different levels of Danish as well as international organisations.

For example you could find employment within:

  • Consultancy and sales
  • Test and research companies
  • Teaching
  • Management in large agricultural companies
  • Public administration
  • Sustainable operations planning
  • Management of public companies
  • Green management planning
  • Construction companies

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