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NY Design & Business – Specialisation in Branding and Marketing Management 

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Šī programma tiek piedāvata kā: TOP-UP DEGREE: Bakalaura programmas pēdējie 3 semestri (1½ gads); UZŅEMŠANAS PRASĪBAS: - iegūti 120 ECTS bakalaura vai 1. līmeņa augstākās izglītības programmā (studiju ilgums vismaz 2 gadi jeb 4 semestri) PIETEIKŠANĀS PROGRAMMAI: Par pieteikšanos programmai lasi sadaļā: PIETEIKŠANĀS PIETEIKŠANĀS TERMIŅŠ: - februāra studijām: līdz 15. oktobrim - septembra studijām: līdz 15. martam:

Branding & Marketing Management will qualify you to work professionally with marketing and branding within the fashion and lifestyle sectors


Branding & Marketing Management will qualify you to work professionally with marketing and branding within the fashion and lifestyle sectors. You will acquire competences so that you can supervise and develop brands in an independent manner as well as working out suggested solutions and implement them in practice both visually and communicatively. You will be able to find the right position in the market for the brand and see to it that new concepts fall in line with the values of the brand. You will learn about the changing nature in a market and it is up to you to ensure that the brand has a commercial dimension and that the target group cannot avoid hearing about it.

You will learn to employ different marketing channels – from homepages to outdoor, and you will gain insight into how to choose the right channels to achieve the right position in the market for your brands. The teaching includes a mixture of cases and true-to-life issues related to fashion and lifestyle companies.

•  Curriculum for BA Branding & Marketing Management
•  Course overview


International Branding & Marketing Management is a 3,5-year full-time Bachelors Programme. The programme is dividend in 6,5 semesters. The first and second semester is common to all students on all specialities. The common core will include subjects such as: Pattern Design, Grading, Documentation, The History of Lifestyles, IT and Projects: Skirt, Trousers, Blouse, Dress.
During the studies you will have a study trip on the secon and fourth semester and a 4 weeks work experience on third semester.


You will typically be working in a company’s marketing department where you can solve a wide range of branding and marketing tasks within the fashion and lifestyle industry.

These tasks could be:

• Trend and market analyses
• Branding and marketing strategies
• Media plans
• Planning shows and event
• Communication


To be eligible to apply for the international BA top-up degree in Branding & Marketing Management you need to have completed one of the programmes from the list below.

Two years of Higher Education (or the first two years of a Bachelors’ degree)

– A needlework teacher exam or an exam from an internationally acknowledged design school,
– a similar diploma or degree in Design or Business (complete or incomplete university studies). Lasi plašāk (latviski)


AP degree:


Augstskolas, kurās piedāvā šo studiju programmu:



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