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2015-02-03 Study Start

Communication & Media Strategy 

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Communication & Media Strategy is an area of specialisation in Design and Business. The specialty qualifies you to work professionally with communication within the fashion and lifestyle business.

The Bachelor (BA) top-up takes three semesters and gives you the chance to become deeply absorbed in communication and media strategy. At this stage of your education we expect you to be able to work in a more independent manner.

About the programme

The programme is organised with joint projects for all BA students during the first semester. Afterwards we focus on your chosen speciality.

Elective course subjects and a placement period in the fashion industry are compulsory parts of the programme as well, and you conclude your studies with a bachelor assignment.

At the end of your BA degree you will be qualified to participate in a higher education programme or find a job in the fashion and lifestyle sector.

Common core programme

During the first semester, all BA students follow the same compulsory programme to make sure you cover a variety of disciplines within the area of design and business.

All projects in this programme are worked out in partnership with the other BA top-up specialities at VIA Teko Design & Business, and the goal is to strengthen the relations between the creative aspects and business as well as bringing forth results that can be achieved.

Focus on your speciality

After the first semester, we focus on the Branding and Marketing Management speciality. Hence, the teaching focusses on strategy and management, concept development and communication.

Placement period

During the sixth semester, all BA top-up students have a compulsory placement period for at least nine weeks. The period takes place in a private company of your own choice and involves various disciplines.

As a trainee you get valuable knowledge of how the different professions are interrelated, and you have the chance to enhance your professional network.

Numerous students choose to do their placement period outside Denmark with one of our many collaborators. Please contact our student counselling service if this has caught your interest.

Bachelor assignment

You finish your BA top-up with a written assignment followed by an oral examination. The assignment starts from a formulation of a problem made by you in collaboration with a company, and you spend the entire semester on this.

After graduating, you have the skills to be a designer in the fashion industry, or to start your own business. Likewise, you have the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree at a college outside Denmark.

Teaching methods

All the teaching is project oriented with Branding and Marketing Management as its main focus. You get profound knowledge of the area of Branding and Marketing Management as well as the opportunity to develop your individual image.

On the fifth semester, the joint projects ensure a continuous collaboration between the areas of design and business. This way, you get a profound insight into the work areas of your future colleagues and learn the importance of collaboration in order to achieve your ideas.

The programme is a combination of theory, supervision and independent studies. So it is a premise that you are able to work independently through projects of long duration.


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