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2013-12-10 Study Start

Design & Business – Specialisation in Purchase 

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The bachelor Top-up degree (or you can choose it as a full bachelor degree programme, 3,5 years) programme in Design & Business is aimed towards the fashion and lifestyle industry and you learn the theory and practice connected with it. The programme has a sustainable focus on Fashion

During the 5th semester there is an obligatory joint part, in which you receive instruction within four general areas: Design, Business, Sociology, Methods and Science Theory. Then you specialise within course: Sustainable PURCHASE or you can choose one of the two other courses of study: Sustainable FASHION or Sustainable COMMUNICATION.

During the 6th semester you continue with your chosen course of study. The last part of the semester (5 ECTS credits) is reserved for the mandatory internship.

The internship period continues during the first part of the 7th semester (10 ECTS credits). Subsequently students do their bachelor project (20 ECTS).

During the course of study, you are in close contact with the business community, in which you, for example, develop concepts and/or products in cooperation with – or receive tasks from – a business. You will also be an intern in a business in which you can try out your competencies in practice.

Specialisation: Sustainable PURCHAS
The focus is on carrying out the entire field of purchase and production of fashion related products which take environment and workers rights into consideration. You will get knowledge of the triple bottom line – people, profit and planet. You will learn how to communicate sustainability and you will be capable of leading and implementing new sustainable approaches in a company or an organisation.


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