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2012-12-06 Study Start

Entrepreneurship – Specialisation in Design and Business 

Ilgums (gadi):

1 ½




Studijas sākas:


Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship WITHIN FASHION AND furniture INDUSTRY

TEKO’s is a place where your creative ideas and dreams become reality. The dream is to start a trading or a production company with your own design within fashion, furnishings, or furniture.

The programme contains subjects such as the design process, aesthetics, trade and communications. Your can choose one of three study profiles: design, business and production.

The programme furthers entrepreneurship among young people with a degree within fashion and lifestyle.

About Education

The speciality qualifies you to develop and innovate new ideas within both your own and other subject areas. You work with trends and research and are therefore able to purposively exptrapolate new needs and tendencies from your analysis.

The speciality gives you insight and experience in working with innovation at a high level and you obtain competences in being an enterpreneur alone or in cooperation with other different professions. You will be able to realize your dreams of becoming an independent entrepreneur.

Learning style

The education is divided into five main modules with a theme attached to each module. The action-learning philosophy is primarily used and the course is constructed with projects with matching workshops, guest lectures, and course like teaching.

Entry Requirements

Top-up bachelor (1½ year, 90 ECTS):

The general admission requirements for Top-up bachelor include one of the following international certificates Lasi plašāk (latviski):

In Denmark:


Augstskolas, kurās piedāvā šo studiju programmu:



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