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Environmental Management 

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Bakalaura programmas pirmie 2 gadi (4 semestri) jeb 1. līmeņa augstākās izglītības programma. Pabeidzot AP degree studijas var turpināt 1-1½ gadu Top-up programmā un iegūt pilnu bakalaura grādu.
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For you who want to work with environmental issues

Environmental Management programme is for those, who want to work with environmental issues. If you are one of them, than this programme is just for you!

About Education

The AP degree programme in Environmental Management is the ideal course programme for those interested in the environment and working with nature issues on a day to day basis.

This programme will provide you with knowledge of the technologies, methods, legislation and standards that are relevant in this subject area and will provide you with a broad knowledge-based platform on which you can base your career.

You will also learn how to communicate your knowledge. We liaise with companies that are relevant within this discipline to ensure that the programme reflects the areas and issues that are important within the industry and you will be working with assignments and writing project reports based on real business challenges and cases. The programme therefore provides you with a set of skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied after graduation, in working life.


The Environmental Management is a full-time 2 years programme.

This programme contains subject areas such as international studies, human resource development and communication as well as business studies. In the environmental management studies you are introduced to biological and environmental subjects.

The programme comprises 4 main elements:

1.  Compulsory subject areas:

  • International Studies,
  • Human Resource Development and Communication,
  • Business Studies,
  • Biological and environmental subjects.

2.  Compulsory profile, focused on environmental biology and nature-given and economic conditions for environmental management in a global perspective.
3.  Specialization according to the individual student’s interests.
4.  Main project.

The graduates will be qualified to work independently with analysis, planning and implementation of solutions concerning both national and international environments.

Learning style

Teaching varies between lectures and classroom instruction. In addition, there is often project work with other students. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions.

Job opportunities

Programme graduates are employed in a wide range of jobs relating to informing and teaching about nature, planning and organising nature preservation projects, advisory services, quality assurance, administration, monitoring, environmental supervision and environmental recovery. You will typically be employed by a local government authority or other public agency, an agricultural advisory service or by a private consulting company. With an AP degree in Environmental Management, you will often act as liaison between practical field work and theoretical desk work. These types of assignments mean that you must be able to cooperate with farmers, land owners, stakeholder organisations and government authorities.


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