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Euro-Asia Business Management 

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For you who are interested in an international career in sales, management and marketing, and would like to study in China for two years.

With a focus on the expanding global market, IBA has developed a unique opportunity for students to obtain a double bachelor degree in Business Management, in cooperation with Shanghai Finance University.


The 4,5-year study programme is a full time study comprising various opportunities to European and Asian students in order to obtain a Bachelor Degree qualifying the participating students to meet the demand from companies dealing with the global market.

The programmes focus on areas such as marketing, management, communication and economics. All classes in this major will be taught in English.

Typical career possibilities are within management and marketing – especially in companies with a strong global profile.

The global perspective

What makes this degree unique is the very high degree of focus on the Euo-Asia aspect. You get first-hand experience studying in Europe and in this case China, and you automatically become part of a dynamic group of students, who all focus on a global career and with whom you can share experiences and knowledge. Furthermore, you will be able to form networks during your studies with a view to your future career.

Studying in this global environment gives you an advantage, because you learn to understand other cultures, languages, history etc. to a higher extend than other students and thereby making you more attractive to a future employer.


During the two-year study at Shanghai Finance University, the curriculum will be a mix of language courses and major courses (see the list below).

Students should be aware that language courses are mandatory and should be finished after one or two years of study at the SFU, where major courses can be chosen according to the model you choose. 1+2+1 or 2+2.

All students must study classes equivalent to 60 ECTS each year and 120 ECTS during the two year stay at SHFU, as a minimum, if you wish to obtain a double degree.

1st year at IBA, Denmark

International Marketing and Sales – 10 ECTS
Economics – 5 ECTS
Communication, Organisation and Management I – 10 ECTS
Business Law – 5 ECTS
International Marketing and Sales – 10 ECTS
Economics – 5 ECTS
Communication, Organisation and Management II – 5 ECTS
Business Law – 5 ECTS
Elective – 5 ECTS

2nd and 3rd year at Shanghai Finance University, China

Logistics and Supply Chain Management,
International Business Negotiation,
Business Culture and Communication,
Strategic Management,
HR Management,
Cross-Cultural Management,
Operation Management,
International Management,
Project Management.

Language courses: Chinese I, Chinese II, Chinese III, Chinese IV, Chinese Survey, Communicative Chinese, Chinese Culture 

4th year at IBA, Denmark

Customer – 15 ECTS
Industry and Competitors – 5 ECTS
Innovation – 5 ECTS
Research Methods – 5 ECTS
Sales Development – 10 ECTS
The Complete Sale – 5 ECTS
Follow-up – 5 ECTS
Electives – 10 ECTS

9th semester at IBA, Denmark

Internship – 15 ECTS
Main thesis – 15 ECTS


On the Euro-Asia Business Management there is a mandatory 12-week internship during semester 4.

IBA Business has a strong network of internship companies, both in Denmark and abroad, and students from IBA are very much in demand.

Both careers advice and internships are to help get you fully prepared for the business world.

Study environment

Teaching takes place in classes comprising between 25 and 35 students, giving you an excellent opportunity to enjoy a great social life with your fellow students. You will experience teaching approaches emphasising theory as well as practice.


The instruction is based on projects, many of which take place in cooperation with local and national businesses, and the tasks are normally carried out in groups. You must be prepared to make an independent effort and to cooperate with your fellow students.


Some of the project tasks, and the final project in particular, are independent tasks that you carry out on the basis of the theory that you have learned. The projects should be based on specific cases from businesses, insofar as this is possible. You will be given good advice and constructive criticism along the way.

Further study options

Euro-Asia Business Management graduates can continue studying for Master’s degree at IBA or at a university.

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