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Financial Management and Services 

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for you who wants a career in accounting and finance Within service industry

The Bachelor of Financial Management and Services is ideal for you if you would like to work with complex advisory, sales and consultancy tasks within e.g. accountancy or banking.

About Education

The Bachelor’s degree in Finance is a 3½-year advanced professional bachelor’s programme, developed in close collaboration with the financial sector. The financial sector has great influence on both the programme structure and the content of the programme, which means that the programme matches the competences required by the financial sector.

The Financial Management and Services programme focuses on advisory and administrative functions in financial enterprises. You will learn to work in an analytical and customer related manner and to use financial tools to plan tasks. The programme allows you to specialize in advisory functions for the finance sector, e.g. banks, insurance companies or accounting firms.

The programme provides a knowledge of financial and legal subjects such as economics, personal finance and commercial law. At the same time you learn about customer advice, communication and how best to present proposed solutions.

Depending on your choice of specialized subjects, you can work in the bank sector, the property market or in accountancy. You will also learn how to use necessary IT tools.

The programme is divided into terms that last 20-24 weeks. After the first three terms, you specialize in a particular sector. The fifth term is an internship in a financial company.


  • Economics
  • Business Economics
  • Marketing
  • Consultancy
  • Property financing

In addition to the above mentioned subjects, there are elective courses, work placement, a sector project and the concluding bachelor project.

The programme is composed of a foundational course, an international module, an industry specialisation, a work placement and a bachelor project.

The foundational course spans the first three semesters and is compulsory for all students. In the course of the three semesters, you will study the foundational subjects that are important to everybody working with complex advisory tasks in the financial sector, incl. economics, business economics, marketing, consultancy and ethics as well as property financing. Compulsory part

The Bachelor of Finance programme also contains a compulsory international module, which can be completed as a study stay abroad or as a course in Denmark.

The industry specialisation part

The industry specialisation part consists of two elective subject periods, where you specialise in the part of the industry where you would like to work. You can choose between the following elective subject packages:

  • Accountancy
  • Financial business and consultancy (bank)

The industry part is organised in order that the first round of elective subjects placed in the 4th semester will serve as preparation for the work placement period during the 5th semester.

The second round of elective subjects placed in the 6th semester is intended to serve as follow-up and competency development after the work placement period. In this way, you will make the most of both the industry orientated elective subjects and the work placement.


The 5th semester of the programme is set aside for a 5-month internship in a company. Most likely you will spend this time abroad in the line of business you have chosen for your specialisation. Please note that it is your own responsibility to find a company.

The programme is concluded by a bachelor project based on a business issue within the industry of your particular specialisation. The project will typically be elaborated in collaboration with a company.

Job opportunities

After graduation you will be able to work with financial consultancy in for example a bank, a mortgage institution, an insurance company, a real estate broker, a real estate administrator, or in the finance department of a large private or public enterprise.

Further education

The Bachelor’s degree in Finance provides a targeted qualification that gives access to a whole range of job opportunities. However, following this programme can also be a dynamic step towards achieving an advanced higher education.

As the programme is on level with university Bachelor degrees, you will subsequently be qualified for relevant Master’s degree programmes at universities.


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