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2012-02-25 Study Start

Global Business Engineering 

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4 ½




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for you who want to study export and globalisation within engineering, economics and marketing

In this programme you will learn about subjects such as natural science, engineering, economics and marketing. You will gain insight into e.g. export and globalisation. The programme qualifies you to develop export strategies and work with marketing and sales in a global context.

The programme is an interdisciplinary engineering programme aimed at marketing and selling products and projects across cultural and language boundaries. Focus is on exporting, globalisation and international trade, as well as gaining insights into and understanding of other cultures.

About education

In the programme, you will work in the cross-fields between technology, language and economics. You will learn how to devise export strategies that are favourable for a given corporation, that is, it can sell its products on the world market. After 4½ years you will graduate with the academic title of Bachelor of Engineering.

Subject areas

1. Engineering subjects, such as Material Studies, Studies in Force, Machinery, Process Technology, Electronics and Micro-processing Technology. In addition, there will be subjects such as Integrated Product Development, Internet and Object-oriented Programming and Design, E-Business and Business Development

2. Economics and Marketing, for example, National and International Economics, and Operational and Marketing Economics. Also, Market Analysis, Financing, Export Marketing, Logistics, and Industrial Marketing

3. Natural science subjects, such as Mathematics, Physics, chemistry, Work Environment and External Environmental Studies and Multimedia

4. Language, English is compulsory. The second foreign language of study could be German, French or Spanish

Learning style

The study programme takes 4½ years including six months work placement. Teaching varies between lectures and classroom instruction. In addition, there is often project work together with other students.

Job opportunities

The Global Business Engineering programme will give you access to exciting and challenging jobs in international companies. You will typically be working as international key account manager, project manager in product development, export manager or sales and marketing manager.


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