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2012-10-06 Study Start

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Ilgums (gadi):

1 ½




Studijas sākas:

februāris, septembris


Šī programma tiek piedāvata kā: TOP-UP DEGREE: Bakalaura programmas pēdējie 3 semestri (1½ gads); UZŅEMŠANAS PRASĪBAS: - iegūti 120 ECTS bakalaura vai 1. līmeņa augstākās izglītības programmā (studiju ilgums vismaz 2 gadi jeb 4 semestri) PIETEIKŠANĀS PROGRAMMAI: Par pieteikšanos programmai lasi sadaļā: PIETEIKŠANĀS PIETEIKŠANĀS TERMIŅŠ: - februāra studijām: līdz 15. oktobrim - septembra studijām: līdz 15. martam:

For you who want to run your own business and working with innovation of new products and services? Than this programme is just for you!

Do you dream of running your own business or of working with product and service innovation? The future depends on the development of new ideas.

The demand for competencies to create and develop creative thinking companies is increasing. This study programme meets this demand by bringing together students with different commercial and technical backgrounds. The purpose is to stimulate creative thinking and sustainability in the companies in the process of going from idea to development to action.

After graduation you will have competencies to start and run companies, or new units in established companies, and make them grow.


The programme focuses on the start-up and development of new and sustainable companies. As a Innovation and Entrepreneurship student you will learn how to solve cases which involves creative decision making. The programme provides the right combination of fundamental theory and practice needed to start a successful business.

The programme combines the development of innovative and creative skills with knowledge of markets and the wide range of training that students bring with them.

The bachelor Top-up programme covers 3 semesters.

1st semester: You will study about how to start and run your own company.

The creative and innovative processes, identification of business opportunities and the preparation of business propositions

2nd semester: The focus will be on growth companies.

The focus will be on providing tools for the student to make him/her capable of handling strategic management, communication with internal and external stakeholders, and to develop the company’s competencies and organisation

3rd semester: COers the internship and the final bachelor project.

You will graduate with the academic title: Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


You will get strong skills in cooperation and forming teams, and the chance of a wide network within IT, as well as within technical and commercial areas.

The programme provides 3 semesters. Each semester offers a project based on the overall theme and linking all subject areas. As a natural progression, most exams are inter-disciplinary.


The 3rd semester is a specialisation module, which consists of an internship in a company or an organisation in Denmark or abroad. It is important that you find the internship that matches the professional profile you want to acquire. An internship gives you the opportunity to apply principles in practice.


  • 1st semester: The Start and Running of A Company
  • 2nd semester: Growth
  • 3rd semester: Internship and Bachelor Project

Besides traditional teaching, the study activities will include project work, cases and assignment work, where you through cooperation and dialogue solve specific tasks along with your fellow students and with your lecturers as counsellors. Furthermore, you will be challenged in digital study activities.


You will be part of an international environment


At every study programme, an obligatory internship is included where you can test your own skills in a company abroad or in an international company in Denmark.

The purpose of the internship is to give the student an opportunity to apply his/her skills from the first semesters by working in a company in a relevant sector on a job-like basis.

The companies are expected to contribute with best practice experience. During the internship, the student has a supervisor from his/her programme as well as a contact person the company.

At the bachelor’s programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship you can also apply to do your internship in your own or a fellow student’s start-up company. To ensure enough material for both internship report and the following bachelor project some requirements regarding seriousity and phase of company start-up must be met.

A degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship enables you to establish and run your own business. You also learn to develop, plan and implement ideas and projects and you will acquire an in-depth business understanding that is relevant in other business contexts.

The combination of this top-up programme and your previous edducation gives you a different, unique profile. Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship all have individual profiles depending on their educational background and specialisation.

Innovative and entrepreneurial employees are in demand in the industry. You can typically find work as a/an:

  • Intrapreneur
  • Project team member or manager of a development project
  • Employee, co-owner or manager of an innovative company
  • Employee in an R&D department

Study Environment at Lillebaelt Academy


Top-up bachelor (1½ year, 90 ECTS):

The general admission requirements for Top-up bachelor include one of the following international certificates Lasi plašāk (latviski):

In Denmark:

Service Management (AP degree)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (AP degree)
Financial Management (AP degree)
Marketing Management (AP degree)
Marketing Management – Specialisation in Communications (AP degree)
Marketing Management – Specialisation in Economics (AP degree)
Marketing Management – Specialisation in Entrepreneurship (AP degree)
Marketing Management – Specialisation in Logistics (AP degree)
Marketing Management – Specialisation in Media & Advertising (AP degree)
Computer Science(AP degree)
Multimedia Design and Communication(AP degree)

In another country:

A similar business, sales, marketing, finance etc. diploma or degree (complete or incomplete university studies). Lasi plašāk (latviski).


Augstskolas, kurās piedāvā šo studiju programmu:



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