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2012-02-25 Study Start

International Sales and Marketing Management 

Ilgums (gadi):

1 ½




Studijas sākas:

februāris, septembris


Šī programma tiek piedāvata kā: TOP-UP DEGREE: Bakalaura programmas pēdējie 3 semestri (1½ gads); UZŅEMŠANAS PRASĪBAS: - iegūti 120 ECTS bakalaura vai 1. līmeņa augstākās izglītības programmā (studiju ilgums vismaz 2 gadi jeb 4 semestri) PIETEIKŠANĀS PROGRAMMAI: Par pieteikšanos programmai lasi sadaļā: PIETEIKŠANĀS PIETEIKŠANĀS TERMIŅŠ: - februāra studijām: līdz 15. oktobrim - septembra studijām: līdz 15. martam:

For you who are interested in sales, business and marketing with an international perspective

Are You interested in sales, business and marketing with an international perspective? Then a BA in International Sales and Marketing is the right choice for you!

As a Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing you will develop knowledge and comprehension of business practice, applied theory as well as methods, used for sales and marketing within an international business perspective.

The Bachelor Programme of International Sales and Marketing Management is a 7-semester programme, which is based on applied science. It provides you with a combination of subjects in the fields of business, economics, organisation and management, communication, culture, and business law with major focus on international marketing and sales.

About Educaton

The programme includes one or two separate business placement periods. The aim of the placement periods is to equip you with experience of work within a business environment and to give you the opportunity to focus in depth upon real-life business problems and issues.


The programme consists of 3 terms including work placement and a final thesis.

The following subjects are taught:

  • Company sales base, focusing on sales and marketing.
  • Methodology and scientific theory, that amongst other things covers report writing skills.
  • Business development from an international perspective with focus on sales’ strategies, sales training etc., and an optional theme.
Learning style

The programme combines theory with practice through project work and case studies from a broad range of companies. The programme is practice-oriented and internationally oriented with emphasis on international marketing. The teaching is based partly on dialogue-based class teaching, partly on project-oriented teaching, including individual sparring with teachers during the entire course. During some of the classes, you participate in group work with fellow students solving challenging and educative tasks.

Double degree

Students applying for International Business Academy, Top-Up BA in International Sales and Marketing Management has the possibility to obtain a Double Degree with London South Bank University from the UK. The double degree (BA Honors in Business Management and Marketing) with LSBU is via e-learning and runs parallel with the full-time IBA programme. Tuition fee for Double degree is DKK 26.000 (~ 3.500 EUR).

Job opportunities

Your future job could be as key account manager, Marketing Assistant, Export Sales Representative, Sales and Marketing Manager, Advertising Consultant in an international company.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree (3½ years, 210 ECTS )

Secondary school diploma. Lasi plašāk (latviski)

Top-up bachelor (1½ year, 90 ECTS)

The general admission requirements for Top-up bachelor include one of the following international certificates Lasi plašāk (latviski):

In Denmark:

Hospitality and Tourism Management (AP degree)

Service Management (AP degree)

Marketing Management (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Communications (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Economics (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Entrepreneurship (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Logistics (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Media & Advertising (AP degree)

In another country:

A similar business, sales, marketing, finance etc. diploma or degree (complete or incomplete university studies). Lasi plašāk (latviski)


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