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2012-02-25 Study Start

IT and Electronics Engineering 

Ilgums (gadi):

3 ½




Studijas sākas:


Šī programma tiek piedāvata kā: BACHELORS' DEGREE: Bakalaura studiju programma (3-3½ gadi). UZŅEMŠANAS PRASĪBAS: - vidējā izglītība PIETEIKŠANĀS PROGRAMMAI: Par pieteikšanos programmai lasi sadaļā: PIETEIKŠANĀS PIETEIKŠANĀS TERMIŅŠ: - septembra studijām: līdz 15. martam: BRĪVĀS VIETAS

For you who are interested in IT, web technology and global production and communication

If you are interested in IT, web technology and global production and communication, than Information Technology Engineering programme ir for you. You will be introduced to IT subjects such as Object Oriented Programming and Digital Electronics, Client Server Programming and Databases.

You will learn to develop systems and software for various devices such as mobile phones, measuring instruments or hospital equipment.

About Education

IT and Electronics Engineering engineers work in the fields of Software Engineering, Information Technology and Data Communication.

You will study the two main areas, Systems Development and Programming.

Systems Development involves development of information systems from idea, analysis, design and test to deployment and maintenance. You will also learn Programming, which is the concrete design of software.

Subject areas

  • Digital Signal Processing and Mathematics
  • Object Oriented Programming and Digital Electronics
  • Client Server Programming
  • Databases
  • Computer Networks

You will be able to specialise in for example:

  • Mobile and Wireless Communication
  • Digital Design
  • Databases
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Networks – Administration and Security

The 3½ year bachelor programme includes an internship for one semester, in a company in Denmark or abroad.

The final semester you will be writing your bachelor thesis.

Teaching varies between lectures and project group work. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions.

The programme covers 7 semesters and each semester will be finialised with a semester Project. During the programme you will have one professional placement semester which involves working for an international company in Denmark or in another country. After 3½ year you will graduate with the academic title Bachelor of Engineering.

Job opportunities

As an IT-engineer, you can work as Information Technology Consultant, System Manager, Planning Manager or Project Manager.


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