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2012-02-25 Study Start

Natural and Cultural Heritage Management 

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For you who wants to work with natural and cultural heritage management

The study programme in natural and cultural heritage management comprises language and mediation subjects as well as subjects that enhance an understanding of decision-making processes and communication with organisations and administrations.

The aim of the programme is for the students to acquire qualifications that enable them to handle mediation assignments within experience occupations, mainly within natural and cultural heritage management. The programme has a local, national and international purpose and is targeted towards public enterprises and private companies as well as other organisations that deal with natural and cultural heritage management – including tourism.

About education

Via the programme, and in interaction with work in the field, students are to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that enable them to draw up and market mediation programmes and concepts, and to develop and implement new measures within experience economy, in particular natural and cultural heritage management.

The programme is to help promote the students’ personal development and their interest in developing quality natural and cultural heritage management, including a sustainable tourism that focuses on nature and culture in the individual local area.

Learning style

The teaching will alternate between class teaching, group work and flexible (IT-supported) teaching as well as interdisciplinary project work that includes field work.
There is a six-month placement period that can be carried out within branches of the tourism industry, museums, cultural institutions or possibly abroad. The BA project is based on development work in a public enterprise or private company.

Subject Areas

The study programme, which lasts three years, consists of a combination of theory and practice. It contains the following educational elements:

  • natural heritage management
  • cultural heritage management
  • two foreign languages
  • forms of mediation
  • social subject I and social subject II
  • placement period
  • development work
  • BA project

Topics will also be dealt with within the fields of the environment, cultural encounters and cooperation with, for example, politicians and organisations.

The Bachelor of Cultural and Natural Heritage Management programme has a dual purpose: to be of itself professionally oriented and provide competence for employment within both the public and the private sector as well as access to further study programmes of higher education (post-graduate).
Mediation is the prime focus of the programme, understood both as direct mediation in relation to the target groups and as the development of new areas and concepts for the mediation of nature and culture, including tourism.

Job opportunities

Examples of professional areas are: nature centres, tourist offices, tourism companies, cultural centres and museums. You can apply for jobs as a mediator or guide at museums, nature centres, cultural centres, holiday centres, hotels, etc. Assignments will typically be the developing of materials and overall mediation strategies.


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