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2012-02-25 Study Start

Purchasing Management – Specialisation in Fashion Design 

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for you who wants to work with purchasing and sourcing on the global market within fashion industry 

In Purchasing Management – Fashion you will learn to work with purchasing and sourcing on the global market. You will be able to make an estimate of the financial and logistical parts of a company in the fashion and lifestyle sectors and to handle both the internal and external negotiations.

About Education

Throughout the edducation you will acquire a basic knowledge of commercial and financial theories and you will learn how to put into practice the business concept and strategy of a company in an international market.

You will also acquire knowledge of the materials related to the fashion industry which the products are made of. In this way you will have an advantage in negotiations and decision-making.

In addition you will learn about the legal and cultural factors in a global industry. Finally you will be able to communicate practice-oriented issues and suggested solutions to business partners.

The programme is dividend in 4 (as AP degrre) or 7 (as bachelor´s degree) semesters. The first and second semester is common to all students on all specialities.

During the studies you will have a study trip on the second semester and a work experience on third semester.


The common core will include subjects such as:

  • Design,
  • Value Philosophy,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Materials and Products,
  • Business,
  • Communication and others.

 The full Course description: Purchasing Management


Teaching varies among classroom dialogue, projects and lectures. You will be working both independently and in teams. During some of the classes, you participate in group work where you work together with fellow students solving different tasks.

Job opportunities

Pattern Designers can be part of a construction/design team in a company developing clothing for the fashion and lifestyle industry. You will be working in Design companies within clothing, production companies with clothing or maybe in trading company as a product supporter in the purchasing department.

Entry Requirements

AP degree (2 years, 120 ECTS) and Bachelor’s Degree (3½ years, 210 ECTS )

Secondary school diploma. Lasi plašāk (latviski)

Top-up bachelor (1½ year, 90 ECTS)

The general admission requirements for Top-up bachelor include one of the following international certificates Lasi plašāk (latviski):

In Denmark:

Multimedia Design and Communication (AP degree)

Production Technology (AP degree)

Marketing Management (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Communications (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Economics (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Entrepreneurship (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Logistics (AP degree)

Marketing Management – Specialisation in Media & Advertising (AP degree)

In another country:

A needlework teacher exam or an exam from an internationally acknowledged design school,

or a similar diploma or degree in Design or Business (complete or incomplete university studies). Lasi plašāk (latviski)


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