2014 is a record year for Copenhagen Business Academy


For more than 2,700 applicants an AP Degree at Cphbusiness (Campus Nørrebro, Campus Valby and Campus Lyngby) was the preferred choice of education this year. A rise of 14% compared to the previous record year of 2013, indicating that AP Degrees are more popular than ever.


Among the most sought-after AP Degree Programmes this year are the financial programmes, and in particular the study programme financial controller is popular.
Financial controller was first available at Cphbusiness in 2013, where 36 applicants had the study programme as their first priority. In 2014 a total of 108 applicants had the study programme as their first priority, and this year the number of admissions rises to 80 students compared to only 56 last year. In 2015/16 financial controller will be available as an English taught programme.

– We are very happy about the overwhelming interest in our financial study programmes, and we attribute it, among other things, to our close collaboration with the financial business community and their institutions counting banking/mortgage credit, real-estate, real-estate administration, insurance and auditing. In addition, the financial study programmes are continually updated to meet the requirements of the business community, and this gives our programmes a good reputation, says Head of Economy and Finance at Cphbusiness, Bo Steen Larsen.


The popularity of the business academies is welcome news for president at Cphbusiness Ole Gram-Olesen.

– We are very pleased about the success the business academies in general and particularly Cphbusiness are experiencing. The high demand for the short, business oriented degrees indicate that the applicants recognize the importance of a close contact with the business world and good job opportunities, he says.
Despite the high number of applicants, president at Cphbusiness, Ole Gram-Olesen, believes that it is important to maintain the high quality of the study programmes.

– In spite of the growing interest in our study programmes, it is still essential that we are able to provide our students with internship places and good job opportunities are they graduate, which put a natural limit to the number of admissions. This is a top priority, he says.

Source: www.cphbusiness.dk