Record number of higher education applicants

The number of higher education applicants in 2013 is record high. The preliminary figures show that a total of 88,078 have applied for entry to a higher education programme.

88,078 have applied for admission to a higher education programme. That is 7,312 more than the former record from 2012. . Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard is pleased with the increase: It is crucial to the future of Denmark that our level of education keeps pace with the development and the demand. Denmark needs innovative young people with ideas and enterprise which can be converted to new solutions and jobs and thereby ensure continued growth and prosperity. The number of applicants this year is a token of our young people being highly motivated for getting an education and a token of us being on the right track with respect to the government’s aim of the best educated generation ever. Therefore, I am very satisfied with the number of applicants, says Morten Østergaard.


Business Academy Aarhus: 0%
Business Academy SouthWest: +3
Copenhagen Business Academy: +12%
Dania – Danish Academy of Business and Technology: +18%
International Business Academy: +24%
Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education: +3%
University College of Northern Denmark: +4%
VIA University College, Teko Design + Business: -2%
Zealand Institute of Business and Technology: +11%

Source: Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education ( 5.07.2013