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About student accommodation in Vejle

’Østerbo’ manages student accommodation in Vejle, as Lillebaelt Academy – Campus Vejle does not provide accommodation for its students.

Treschowsgade 4
7100 Vejle
E-mail: osterbo@osterbo.dk
tlf: 7943 2500
Their website, http://www.osterbo.dk, contains instructions in English for applying for a room, as well as a list with dormitories, listed according to town areas and room types (single, couple, couple with children).

Applications must be made well before coming to Vejle, as the demand is extremely high and the number of places limited. The waiting times are also usually long, but most students are able to find accommodation through ‘Østerbo’ if they apply early.
The application should include all the dormitories the student would like to apply for since offers will be made according to the number of free rooms in each dormitory, according to the waiting times as well as to the amount of students applying for the same type of accommodation.
IMPORTANT: To increase your chances do register for accommodation as soon as possibleeven before you receive you admission letter.

Please note that the application has to be renewed once every month.

The prices for student accommodation vary according to the type of room, to the location and to other amenities. Usually, the rent for a single room ranges from 2.500 to 3.000 DKK per month. The rent has to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month.

In one-room apartment can live 2 students and share the rest.

A deposit is mandatory when moving into a new room. The amount to be paid varies but it usually amounts to the equivalent of 2 to 3 months’ rent.

What to bring
In the apartment you will need:

  1. Air Mattress (til you buy a bed),
  • or you can buy it in Denmark, see prices: Mattress
  1. A blanket/duvet, pillow and bed sheets,
  1. Cutlery, dishes and cooking utensils,

Or buy in Denmark, see prices: Cutlery, dishes, cooking utensils

  1. Basic furniture: desk, chair, bed – you can buy it cheap from: guloggratis.dk or www.facebook.com/studystart

Long-term private accommodation

There is also the possibility of renting a room or an apartment on your own. There are usually ads in the newspapers, and real estate agencies have a list of available places to rent. While the rent can be smaller in some cases (but not all), the deposit is usually larger when it comes to private accommodation.

The private rental accommodation you can find in boligportal.dk (Study Start have access to the portal in July and August, otherwise you need to buy your own access for: 2 months 365 DKK or 14 days for 135 DKK)

Short-term accommodation

If you arrive in Vejle during the weekend or at a time when your room is not available, there are several options

for short-term stays (please note, however, that these are rather expensive compared to the monthly rent of a student residence room).

The following is a hostel in Vejle:

• Vejle Youth & Family Hostel: www.vejle-danhostel.dk

It is also possible to put up a tent or rent a cabin at a camping site:

There is also a number of hotels in Vejle, with higher prices than the hostels, which can be found either at www.visitvejle.dk