UCN Employability CAMP 2021

Dear UCN applicant, 

Thank you for applying to UCN. We hope that you and your families are well and healthy considering the unfortunate situation we all are in at the moment. 

While your application is being processed by our colleagues at UCN, we have some important news to share with you! Despite the current COVID-19 restrictions in the world, we are still working hard on welcoming you at UCN in August.  

We are therefore writing to inform you that UCN is repeating last year’s success and is hosting UCN Employability CAMP again this year!

So make yourself a favour and sign up for UCN Employability CAMP 2021 already now by following this link. Registration is on first-come, first-served basis due to a limited number of places. Kindly note that the €170 participation fee is binding, but will be refunded in case you are not admitted at UCN or in case the development of the COVID-19 situation prevents you from moving to Denmark.  

The CAMP is an intensive 2 weeks’ programme from 16-27 August 2021, and besides preparing you for your studies at UCN, it focuses on: 

  • Danish Language proficiency 
  • Group work and insights into UCN’s Reflective Practice-Based Learning approach (RPL) 
  •  Insights into Danish work culture and business life through professional network
  • Danish cultural encounters through field trips and social activities 

Read more about the CAMP here.

Last year’s CAMP had a great influence on the participants, by preparing them for their studies at UCN and by making their transition to Denmark smoother.

Here’s what Crystal Martinez says about participating in last year’s CAMP: 

“I feel more ready to go to college this year because of the CAMP, otherwise I would be completely lost. And the CAMP actually help you find friends and to feel more comfortable in Denmark. They teach you how Danes eat, how you they speak and also how are we going to work into UCN itself. I think I feel more prepared for the classes and lectures and everything and to be in Denmark in general –  it’s a lifesaver!”

Crystal Martinez, UCN Employability CAMP 2020 
Marketing Management, UCN 

You can hear the entire interview here.

Do not hesitate to write to us in case you have any questions, please reach us at tfm@ucn.dk  

All the best from UCN International, Aalborg

// Tue & Mihaela

Status on the novel corona virus in Denmark – 24 March 2021
In Denmark, we continue to have the corona virus under control. Based on the positive development, the Danish  Government announced on 23 March 2021 that it would commence a controlled reopening of the society. The government announced a gradual timeline for lifting coronavirus restrictions and said it planned for the majority of restrictions to be lifted once all people over 50 have been vaccinated against the virus. This is however dependent on the society being able to keep infections down and use vaccine passports.