VIA UC Eseja


The test consists of a written essay based on a number of subjects provided by VIALAC and an oral interview conducted by a VIALAC representative. 

The purpose of the test is to determine whether the applicant has the required skills to produce written individual assignments and group reports and to participate in class tuition and group/team assignments and project work. 

The written test will take 90 minutes and the oral interview will take about 10-15 minutes. 

Please note that in addition to the actual duration of the test, you may have to wait while the VIALAC representative conducts interviews with other applicants. 

The written part of the test is paper-based. You may make use of a dictionary, either in a book format or as an online version. However, no other use of the Internet is allowed during the test.

This means you may not search for information for the essay online. To copy information directly from sources online or elsewhere is plagiarism and is totally unacceptable. Your essay should reflect your own knowledge and skills, not other people’s work.

Plagiarism in connection with the VIAT/e will result in an automatic dismissal of the essay and a 1-year ban from applying to any study programmes at VIA University College – School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries. 

The VIAT/e is valid for 1 year and is only valid as documentation of your English language skills in connection with studies at VIA University College – School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries. If you choose to switch to another study programme at VIA, you must, however, be prepared to retake the test.

You will receive the result of your test by email within 21 days of the test.